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  • Fandom affixes and crossover names



    I’m looking through AO3’s AU tags, and reflecting on the fact that the Sherlock fandom uses -lock to denote a lot of AUs (e.g., merlock, teenlock, femlock).  It appears that the Homestuck fandom uses -stuck similarly (e.g., merstuck, highschoolstuck, or the amazing Marchingstuck & Promstuck).  Are there other fandoms that strongly identify with a given suffix?

    How about prefixes?  Based on Potterlock, maybe Potter- is a generative prefix… but if so, how does one signify a cat AU in the Potterverse? Pottercat seems off…

    And speaking of Potterlock, what about crossovers?  Does Potter-  generalize to other fandoms?  Is there Potterstuck?  (…yep.)  Are the Super- and Who- in Superwholock productive prefixes with other fandoms?  Is Whostuck a thing? (… yep.) Superwolf? (…yep.)  

    Maybe I should instead ask, are there fandoms without a strongly identified suffix or prefix?

    Examples of fandoms I don’t know how to combine:

    • Les Miserables + Supernatural (Supermiserables?)
    • Glee and Harry Potter
    • One Direction and anything

    Hey, allthingslinguistic — any idea if fandom crossover names work similarly to ship names, in terms of guidelines for what makes a good one?  Do you see any different patterns?

    This is definitely an interesting question, and I’d suspect that there would be some similarities (if anyone hasn’t read this article about ship names, you should really do so). 

    One thing to note is that Potter is often used in phrases rather than compounds, such as A Very Potter Musical or Potter Puppet Pals. Which means, to take your example, that if I were naming a world in which all the Harry Potter characters are cats, I might call it Kitty Potter (___y Potter seems like a good template here). Perhaps because the names of creative works are more likely to be phrases than character names are, it seems that when you’re combining them, you’re also more likely to end up with a phrase.

    The works that combine more like character names do (Sherlock, Homestuck, Supernatural) are also single-word names, but they also combine predictably in a way that character names don’t. To use examples from the ship names paper, Quinn Fabray/Rachel Berry is Faberry, using parts of their last names, but Finn Hudson/Rachel Berry is Finchel, which uses their first names instead. So there isn’t a consistent combining form that always indicates Rachel Berry in a pairing. This is quite different from the consistent combining forms -lock, -stuck and super- (I don’t think you get combinations with sher-, home- or -natural, although do let me know if anyone has any examples). So another analysis might be that these started out as blends like ship names but have now become more like libfixes (non-fannish examples of libfixes include -athon, -pocalypse, and -mageddon). 

    I could really use more data to think of further generalizations though. Anyone want to add some more examples of crossover or AU names to see if we can find anything? 

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  • Editing


    I must remind myself—

    they can’t tell that I didn’t write this bit immediately after that one

    the six months where I ignored the manuscript are not visible to the naked eye

    the bit where I put my head in my hands and muttered “I have no idea what I’m doing” takes place in the single space between the period and the next capital letter.

    As soon as I shove that character in, she has always been there

    and someone will probably say that she’s the emotional center

    and the book couldn’t have been written without her

    and nobody will know that I thought of her three thousand words from the end and scrolled up and shoehorned in a couple of paragraphs near the beginning because, for whatever reason, the story needed an elderly nun

    she was almost the cook

    and for about ten minutes she was the earnest young village priest

    and now she has been there since you started reading.

    I am sanding down the places where my editor found splinters

    kicking up a fine dust of adjectives and dropped phrases

    (Wear a breath mask. Work in a well-ventilated area. Have you seen what excess commas can do to your lungs?)

    and eventually it will all be polished to a high shine

    and hopefully when someone looks into it

    they’ll see their own face reflected back

    instead of mine.

    Sam and the weather

    Headcannons for Sam + weather:

    Sam has always found that his mood correlated strongly with the weather. When it’s warm and sunny he feels happier and more energetic. When it’s stormy he just wants to stay inside and curl up with a book. And he hates, hates, hates getting rained on, even though he’d never let it show, because he knows he’d just get shit about it. But let’s just say there was a reason he chose Stanford. There are lots of great schools, but the California weather was a top priority for him.

    For a while when he realized that he was developing powers he got really worried about the possibility that his emotions might actually be affecting the weather around him. What if his grief and anger were actually making the world a worse place for everyone around him? It added layers of guilt to every moment of unhappiness. It actually got worse after he found out about the demon blood: electrical storms were a key sign of demonic presence after all. He’d stay up late at night worrying about it. After all, weather manipulation seemed significantly more plausible than precognition.

    That was the one redeeming feature of the Day at Black Rock. As the rabbit’s foot burned he remembered the bright, beautiful, sun-shining day as they chased after Bella and he hit the ground and scraped up his knees. That contrast had to prove that he had no influence over the weather, right?

    (Thanks for asking!)

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  • buffyboy:

    "Run and catch, run and catch, the lamb is caught in the blackberry patch."

    Anonymous asked: Darla or Drusilla?

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  • A friend posted a picture of my husband holding a tiny beer and his giant phone which showcases his enormous hands. This makes me wish that tumblr norms were regular norms so that I could comment on it to say “Tag your porn.” *sigh*

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do we even remember ourselves?
    do we even remember ourselves?
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    shit i don’t even care what’s going on with angel right now let’s just make a whole tv show about gunn and fred please

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  • kittyprude:

    send me a character + thing if you wanna know my headcanon for them and that thing

    ex: molly hayes + sleeping