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    I’m laughing so hard because Artemis is a Greek goddess of, among other things, maidenhood and archery.  She is literally an aro/ace arrow ace.

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    fascinated by the backstories of the pantheon, what life must have been like for them before they found out they were gods.

    Ella Rigby (young Luci) at four having psychosomatic seizures that leave her with a severe limp every time her parents try to take her to church.

    Hazel Greenaway (young Amaterasu) at five throwing hysterical, paranoid tantrums at her parents- the sort of tantrums that make everyone in the supermarket stop and stare- because she doesn’t have a brother, and she ought to have a brother, and why are they keeping him from her? Where’s her brother?

    Ella Rigby at eight getting kicked out of Sunday school for arguing that pride ought’n’t to be a sin, and knocking her desk over before storming out of the room.

    Ella Rigby at eight-and-a-half having been kicked out of three more Sunday schools and secretly treasuring the reprieve.

    The girl who will become Sakhmet at ten watching her family move from apartment to apartment every time someone calls animal control, no matter how much they argue that they’re not even feeding those damn stray cats, they just showed up (and then getting grounded because she must have been feeding them in secret, why else would they rub up against her legs?)

    Hazel Greenaway at twelve, climbing up to the rooftop and basking in the sun until she burns. She knows it’s the sort of thing redheads shouldn’t do, but she can’t stop herself from doing it.

    Sakhmet at thirteen falling asleep in class, getting detention for a yawn-and-stretch. No one believes her when she tries to explain that she literally can’t stay awake.

    Ella Rigby at fourteen getting suspended from school because she won’t apologize for punching out the boy who called her a dyke. She’s grown out of the seizures, but she still defiantly drags a cane around the house at Christmastime; her parents tell her she ought to behave herself and stop faking injuries, and she flips them off.

    Hazel Greenaway at fifteen with increasingly severe Seasonal Affective Disorder, pulling the covers over her head and refusing to leave her room. Why should she have to come out when the sun won’t?

    Parents convinced that something’s wrong with their kids, if only they could find out what, and kids who start to think something’s wrong with them too.

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  • sam/steve recs!


    Hamlet finally got the chance to watch CA:TWS, and they wanted some good Sam/Steve stuff, so here’s a quick list I put together. 


    • On Your Right by thingswithwings ~5.5k [Sam and Steve after Steve’s recovery from his injuries in ca:tws. super cheesy, honest, and cute. contains kissing and sexual references.] 
    • 5 Things Sam Wilson Wanted To Ask Steve Rogers, and One Thing He Actually Did by basset_voyager ~2k [a shameless self rec - I wrote this. more of a sam-centric fic with the potential for future romantic sam/steve]
    • waste another mile by pummelwhack, ~3.6k [Natasha POV. She keeps trying to set Steve up with women from SHIELD and doesn’t realize he’s already interested in a certain flying friend.]
    • Pack The Good And Leave The Rest by rivlee, ~5k [Sam and Steve take a road trip, look for Bucky, and learn a lot of things about each other. Contains discussions of post-traumatic stress]
    • Slowly by tennou, ~1.7k [Sam falling in love with Steve. Kissing and a tiny bit of sexiness]
    • Trust Fall by astolat, 546 [This is really short, but it includes kissing while flying which is too cute to pass up]


    are you in the mood for:

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    Dear White People Official Trailer 1 (2014) - Comedy HD

    all I see is black people talking about this. white people. go see this movie. you need to see this movie.

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    I just want femslash with all the kinks that I like in my m/m slash ok

    give me dark femslash

    give me femslash with needy, possessive relationships

    give me femslash where the girls don’t play nice

    give me femslash with rough sex 

    give me femslash with hardcore D/s relationships 

    give me femslash with powerplay and manipulation 

    give me femslash with hot, desperate sex

    give me femslash with bitter rivalries and needy rough hatesex

    give me femslash with fuck or die tropes


    give me femslash that’s fucked up and amazing and hot  

    is that too much to ask???

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  • "When I got back to school from learning how to braid hair in Kenya, I also decided it was going to be my side hustle. I was going to make some money braiding people’s hair. So I went through the great trouble of creating a poster but I just didn’t have the heart to charge anyone so my friends would make appointments with me and I would spend the weekend braiding their hair, and I just couldn’t charge them so I never made any money from it."Lupita Nyong’o for Vogue [x].

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    Writability: Why You Should Participate in WriteOnCon


    It’d be cool if I started off this post saying that WriteOnCon 2013 got me my agent, but it didn’t. Technically. And yet, if I hadn’t participated in the online conference last year, I might not have finally gotten The Call I’d been dreaming about for years. Maybe.

    I know that sounds a little contradictory. Allow me to explain.

    WriteOnCon2013 took place from August 13-14, 2013. For those who don’t know, WriteOnCon events are like online writers conferences. They include giveaways and excellent forums in which writers can critique each other and ninja agents and editors can make requests. It’s pretty fabulous, and this year it’ll be happening again on August 26-27, 2014.

    Back to my point.

    Last year when the conference started, I was in the middle of edits on my then-titled Sci-Fi SLAVE & SIRA. I wasn’t yet ready to query, but I’d edited enough that I felt comfortable sharing my first 250 and query-in-progress to the forums, where public critiques were going on.

    And holy wow, you guys. The feedback I got? SO HELPFUL.

    By the time WriteOnCon was over, I’d written over eight drafts of my query letter (I honestly lost count) based off the feedback. I changed things around in my first 250 and tweaked it until most of the problems were mostly resolved. And I critiqued more query letters and openings than I can count.

    I’m not going to say when WriteOnCon was over, my query letter and first 250 were spotless. They weren’t, and I still revised my query so many times over after all was said and done. My opening has also had more than a couple minor tweaks since last year, too.

    However! I can’t deny that my query and opening was absolutely better after the forums ripped them apart. And considering it was my first 250 that later piqued my now-agent’s interest (followed by the query shortly thereafter), I am super ridiculously grateful for my experience with WriteOnCon2013.

    So if you’re querying, or will be querying soonish, I seriously recommend you make a point of checking out WriteOnCon2014. And even if you’re not querying, there’s so much to be learned from public critiques (even if you only critique and don’t share your work), that I still recommend you take some time to check it out.

    It’s an absolutely wonderful opportunity for writers to meet other people (I also found a CP during WriteOnCon2013!), improve their skills, refine their work and maybe even get some requests (I didn’t, but I know of many writers who did). Don’t miss out!

    Have you ever participated in a WriteOnCon event? Will you be participating this year? Why or why not?

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    Omg look it’s two female characters with a purpose and emotions and BONUS they also mirror the lead two boys perfectly… I know what we should do. Let’s kill ‘em.

    It’s important to note one thing about Jo and Ellen’s deaths.
    Season five was intended by Kripke and all parties as the FINAL SEASON.
    He was killing off everyone around Sam and Dean because the show was coming to an end.

    They died heroes. Their deaths had such weight, so much impact. They were all soldiers in a war, and war has casualties. I love Ellen and Jo — what a great mother and daughter story and relationship. We can look at Ellen in contrast to John as a parent within the hunting community who tried to give her child a stable home life despite her husband having been killed by a monster. She didn’t go off on a vengeance quest. She put her daughter ahead of her own grief. And here’s the opposite fight to Sam going off to college. Ellen just wants Jo to be safe — stay at the roadhouse, go to college, just don’t hunt — but Jo knows she doesn’t belong in college. “I was a freak with a knife collection,” she protests. We know that Sam said he never really fit in at Stanford either. He’ standing right there watching this fight. He has to relate to Jo on some level. Maybe having Jess was the impetus that made him stay despite not fitting in, being a freak with a knife collection. We’ll never know.

    Jo chose what was right for her just as Sam had in leaving hunting, but Ellen stood by her. She didn’t disown her as John had Sam. She respected Jo’s decision. Their death was heroic and heartbreaking and somehow inevitable within that world and storyline. I mourn it as I do the deaths of Victor Henriksen and Rufus and Bobby and Kevin.

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    Many Ladies wear it this way


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    Fuck, Marry, or Kill with Sleepy Hollow Cast - George Washington, Paul Revere, and Benjamin Franklin