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    Skimmons + Queer Jemma + A little Queer skye text pots, part 2/? (I will keep making these if you all keep enjoying them). Part 1 here. 

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  • Why is porn so damn hard to write?

    This is the last scene in my draft. I need to finish it so I can ask for beta feedback before the actual posting date. All that needs to happen is for the two characters to have the sex and they just keep talking more and more and I’m pretty sure it’s partly my subconscious fucking with me because writing sex is hard.


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    When they were little, it was easy to share a bed. Sam was small, soft, warm. He fit perfectly against Dean’s chest, tucked into his arms and under his chin. When it was cold, Dean would wrap his tail around Sam for added warmth.

    But that was then.

    Now Sam’s sixteen, and though John’s gone more often and longer, he still makes them share a bed when he is there rather than paying for an extra.

    Dean wouldn’t mind the lanky limbs, how Sam no longer fits against him, how they have to fight for covers. He wouldn’t mind.

    Except that Sam’s antlers grew in last year. Real, proper antlers, not just the sweet little nubs he used to have. No, these are big. Not full grown, but big enough to smack Dean in the face every time the kid rolls over, and big enough to stab him in the neck when his sleepy brother tries to cuddle with him.

    Sam used to be small, and soft, and now he’s long and full of hard edges. Dean wonders what that says about the future, and it makes his chest ache.

    So even though those stupid antlers dig into him, and make an awful sound when they hit the headboard and scrape it, and have given him more than one black eye, Dean still wraps both arms around his brother. Because he doesn’t know how much longer he’ll be allowed to hold him.

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Gotta raise up that Gay-Point-Average


    Gotta raise up that Gay-Point-Average

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    some faces :) Steve, Sam, Natasha.

    Becc! This is super awesome! I love Sam’s eyes and lips. He looks SO badass! ♥

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    Saturday morning, over 1,000 people march for justice for Michael Brown. 

    August 30th.

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Quote of the Day: “A Richard Dawkins tweet is like a Game of Thrones episode. There are 140 characters & something unimaginably awful happens.”
- Philosophy student Gary Holland joins the outcry against Dawkins’s claims that it’s “immoral” to allow Down’s syndrome babies to be born


    Quote of the Day: “A Richard Dawkins tweet is like a Game of Thrones episode. There are 140 characters & something unimaginably awful happens.”

    - Philosophy student Gary Holland joins the outcry against Dawkins’s claims that it’s “immoral” to allow Down’s syndrome babies to be born

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    favourite character meme ✿ two traits » [2/2] sassy

    Sweetheart, if this is our last night on Earth, then I’m going to spend it

    with a little thing I call  s e l f - r e s p e c t .
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    1. You can participate in the event if you consider/ever considered yourself female (no matter FAAB or not).
    2. You can be of any age.
    3. You can sign up as a writer, as an artist, or both.
    4. You don’t have to be a professional artist/writer to participate.
    5. You can sign up here.

    Dates (more detailed information on the dates of the event):

    1-20th of September: sign-ups are open;
    25th of September: all pairs will be announced;
    30th of September: all pairs need to inform the mods about the lady they have chosen;
    1st of October-30th of November: time for working on stories;
    31st of October: check-up point;
    30th of November: all stories will be posted.


    1. You can choose any Marvel lady you want to tell a story about.
    2. Your story should be based on comics, not movie universe.*
    3. You need to know character’s comics background and history, so please choose wisely.
    4. Your work must consist of three comic pages.
    5. You can create a whole little story, a part of the story, a prologue to a bigger story or a story in any other form you want to use.
    6. You can create a completely new story that can take place after/during/before on-goings or older comics, you can rewrite a certain storyline you’re not happy with (e.g., Cassie Lang’s death), you can write a pamphlet, an action story, a story showing your character in domestic surroundings, et cetera et cetera.
    7. You can NOT write a vampire/coffee shop/elf AU or any of the sort.
    8. Male characters can be represented in your story, but your main focus should always be on the lady.
    9. Make sure your story is not out of character: your lady doesn’t react in a very unusual to her way, she doesn’t make unnatural decisions, doesn’t wear clothes she would never put on and so on and so forth.
    10. You can choose any costume for your lady: the one she wore before, the current one or you can do redesign (this doesn’t concern domestic clothes: here you have absolute freedom).


    1. After choosing a lady together and informing the mods about your choice, you have two full months to create a story.
    2. Try not to put off the work till the last day, but don’t oppress yourself and have as much fun as possible, the event shouldn’t be a torture!
    3. By 31st of October you must send a synopsis of your story (from a writer) and a rough draft of three pages or a complete page (from an artist) to femcomicsevent@gmail.com.
    4. Make sure your comic page has proportion 2:3 (width no less than 500px).
    5. If you won’t be able to do lettering yourselves, write to the blog/email/any of the mods and we’ll solve the problem.
    6. If you do several stories but feel that you don’t have time to finish all of them, try to finish at least one and inform the mods beforehand.
    7. If you’re certain you can’t finish any story, please write to the mods as soon as possible! We’ll try to help with finding a replacement.
    8. Please try to finish your story in time! Of course, if there are any problems and you don’t have enough time to finish, we’ll give you an additional week or so, but please don’t count on that time.


    1. All works will be posted on the 30th of November.
    2. You can either submit it to the blog or post it yourselves.
    3. If you post it yourselves, every pair should agree on who of the two will post the story (it can’t be posted twice, by both artist and a writer).
    4. If your work is done earlier, it will be posted with other stories on the 30th of November.
    5. You must credit everyone in the post: a writer, an artist and a letterer (if lettering is done by another person outside of your team).
    6. Give a name to your story and don’t forget to indicate it in your post.
    7. You can add any personal notes on how it was to work together, any difficulties, et cetera – anything you’d want to share.
    8. Make certain the template of your post looks like this:


    Give your team a name! Have fun! Create something that pleases you! Do your story with love! The point of the event is to share love to your favourite female characters with others.

    Good luck!